Passion Spread

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Passion Spread

This product is just like passionfruit curd but without the dairy products. It does contain sugar and cornflour to make a spreadable consistancy.


All of our jams are taken from recipe books dated back early 1900s. You can’t beat Grandma’s original recipes and methods but we do try to cut out as much sugar as possible but its hard to get to setting point so unfortunately its back to the way Grandma made it. 

Warning. This product may contain peanut residue and pectin

Servings per package: 20
Serving size: 12.25
Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 113kJ 752kJ
Protein 0.3g 2.1g
Fat Total 0.0g 0.3g
Saturated 0.0g 0.1g
Carbohydrates 5.2g 34.8g
Sugars 3.9g 25.7g
Sodium 2mg 14mg

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