New Zealand-made Artisan Spreads.

Chutneys, Sauces, Peanut Butters, Jams and Keto Crackers

Inspired by recipes from ages ago, we’ve created a delicious range of products that not only taste good – but are free from all the additives and fillers that you find in commercially-made brands.

And we’re damn proud of that.

Traditional chutneys, jams and peanut butter that are just like grandma used to make (but maybe even better?)

Vegetarian-friendly and made right here, by hand, in New Zealand.

  • New Zealand Jams

    Fresh, hand-made right here with local produce

    Just jam? Nope. Our jams are more than that. We think they are the bee’s knees (and know our customers do too!)

    While we make jam from just about every fruit under the sun, we’ve also done our darndest to make them with as little sugar as possible (without compromising the end result) – meaning you don’t have to feel as guilty about loving them so much.

    And we also don’t water them down like those silly supermarket brands.
    Ours are packed full with as much fruit as possible!

  • New Zealand Chutney

    Can’t beat a choice-as Kiwi chutney

    We’ll make chutney from just about anything we can (and believe us when we say we’ve tried and tested them all!)

    And what has come from all of that trial - and sometimes error - is the best chutney around. We preserve everything old school, using vinegar and not much else, and it’s also pretty healthy too, with only .3 grams of sugar per serving.

  • New Zealand Peanut Butter

    Nuts about peanut butter? Give ours a go!

    We’re not normally ones to brag – but we’ve heard from a number of sources
    that our peanut butter is the best they have ever had!

    Don’t believe us? Well try it for yourself.

    Made using our very own peanut butter machine, we have a huge range
    to choose from, whether you like yours smooth or crunchy.

  • Keto Crackers,Gift Boxes & Sample Packs

    New Zealand-made Jams, Chutneys & Peanut Butters

    Here’s an easy way to get your hands on a range of our products – whether for yourself or as a great gift for someone else (and will get you in their good books for sure!). We have also partnered with My Gift Box to bring you the perfect gift box for friends and family - visit

    You’re welcome to contact us directly if there is something else you’re looking for - we also take bulk orders too.