About Pa Hill Produce

The passion & story behind the products

About Us

From a lifestyle block in Miranda, south-east of Auckland, comes Pa Hill Produce, where a purpose-built kitchen is the only modern part of the whole manufacturing process.

Pa Hill Produce is about simplicity and getting back to basics. That means a knife, chopping boards and a big pot – where all the magic happens. And apart from the nuts (which are imported from Argentina) everything else that goes into Pa Hill Product is sourced locally right here in New Zealand. 

Since the start of 2018, Judi and Jean have been crafting, creating and filling jars by hand – jars of delicious preserves and spreads. And there’s no Pa Hill Produce without Clive (aka Farmer Joe). He may be the mastermind behind a few of the products on offer, but is also particularly handy when things get busy.

The team have travelled all over New Zealand, selling their hand-made products at markets, shows and expos to a fast growing, loyal bunch of customers who can’t get enough of anything they put their hand to.

Pa Hill Produce has been built on old-fashioned recipes – where quality is never compromised and every product seriously tastes good too.